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It’s Time to Cut The Cord

The days of high cable/satellite bills are gone. Bundles and contracts are a thing of the past. No more waiting on hold for hours trying to get a better deal. Cord-cutting is real. Now you can have access to the programming you want, when you want it and even *where* you want it–that’s right, you can take it with you wherever you go! Our special report The Cord-Cutters Codex will tell you everything you need to know to make cord-cutting quick and easy. By following our guide, you’ll avoid the costly mistakes that many make when setting sail on the cord-cutting journey’s uncharted waters.

The Cord-Cutters Codex

Learn how to cut ties with your traditional cable TV provider once and for all, and experience true freedom from set-top boxes and bloated channel-lineups with our 15-page guide titled The Cord-Cutters Codex.

The Cord-Cutters Codex will show you how to take control of your viewing and enhance your options, while saving big bucks. It’s fun and easy and it’s for everyone! Over 22 million people have cut the cord and gained independence from the big cable companies as of September, 2017 (according to eMarleter.com and they should know). Will you join them? We’ll tell you about six scams that big cable has been perpetrating on you as long as you’ve been a customer. We’ll tell you how you can beat them at their own game, get yourself free and enjoy the programming you crave at a fraction of the cost. And that landline phone that you love to hate? You can toss it to the wind without regrets. Even keep the phone number when you ditch the service if you want to.

Save BIG BUCKS on your monthly entertainment bill with the information in The Cord Cutters Codex. And now you can watch the shows you want to see on the go. Even the local channels that you’ve grown accustomed to can now be streamed to your phone or tablet.

Watch the local news in the doctor’s office waiting room. Check out your favorite crime scene show while you’re waiting for your plane at the gate. Don’t miss the game just because you’re not home–you can watch it wherever you are!

You’ll get a detailed, up-to-date list of the most popular streaming services available, and the hardware they require to stream to your TV. You’ll get a plethora of tips on how to get out of contracts and make the cable provider waive their early termination fee. And you’ll learn how to get another provider to pay that fee for you! We’ll also give you some tips that you may not have known, or may have forgotten about free OTV (Over The Air) TV. Yes, it’s still a thing! And it’s a lot better than you remember. Learn how to pull in the best signal and get dozens of free channels.

The Cord-Cutters Codex is your shortcut to freedom from cable company co-dependency! Get the peace of mind you deserve and save big bucks every single month!

What could you do with that extra $100/month…$150/month…even $200/month? Let your imagination run wild, but click to get your copy of The Cord -Cutters Codex today! You’ve heard about the cord-cutting phenomenon but you haven’t acted yet. What’s holding you back?

We know it’s a bit traumatic to cut ties with something you’ve held onto for years, even decades! Many people alive today, possibly even the majority, have had cable TV for longer than they can remember. That’s why we wrote The Cord-Cutters Codex. We want you to have all the information you need at hand so that you can develop a workable plan for cutting the cord and accomplish that plan with a minimum of fuss and in a stress-free manner. Get your copy of The Cord-Cutters Codex today!